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Knowing Allah

Under category The Amazing Quran - By: Dr. Gary Miller
Creation date 2010-09-14 05:13:36
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an encounter with a minister


about seven years ago, i had a minister over to my home.

in the particular room which we were sitting there was a quran on the table, face down, and so the minister was not aware of which book it was. in the midst of a discussion, i pointed to the quran and said, "i have confidence in that book." looking at the quran but not knowing which book it was, he replied, "well, i tell you, if that book is not the

bible, it was written by a man!" in response to his

statement, i said, "let me tell you something about what is in that book." and in just three to four minutes, i related to

him a few things contained in the quran. after just those

three or four minutes, he completely changed his position

and declared, "you are right. a man did not write that book.

the devil wrote it!" indeed, possessing such an attitude is

very unfortunate - for many reasons. for one thing, it is a

very quick and cheap excuse. it is an instant exit out of an

uncomfortable situation.


as a matter of fact, there is a famous story in the bible that

mentions how one day some of the jews were witnesses when jesus (as ) raised a man from the dead. the man

had been dead for four days, and when jesus arrived, he

simply said, "get up!" and the man arose and walked away. at such a sight, some of the jews who were watching said disbelievingly, "this is the devil. the devil



helped him!" now this story is rehearsed very often in

churches all over the world, and people cry big tears over

it, saying, "oh, if i had been there, i would not have been

as stupid as the jews!" yet, ironically, these people do

exactly what the jews did when in just three minutes you

show them only a small part of the quran and all they can say is, "oh, the devil did it. the devil wrote that book!" because they are truly backed into a corner and have no other viable answer, they resort to the quickest and

cheapest excuse available.

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