A non-Arab Muslim Marriage to a Muslim Arab woman

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a non-arab muslim marriage to a muslim arab woman




1. i was wondering in islam is it ok for a non-arab muslim man to marry an arab woman?

what are the conditions for a non-arab muslim man to marry an arab woman?


2. is it ok for a non-arab muslim man to marry a woman from the quraish tribe.


3. is it ok for non-arab muslim man to marry a woman from the prophet’s family.


4. how important is the concept of kafa when it comes to marriage. which is more important kafa or someone’s iman when looking for a marriage partner. 


5. if a non arab muslim man marries an arab woman or quraish woman without the approval of woman's father is the marriage contract valid.  


for example is it ok for a chinese or black male convert muslim man to marry an arab woman. is it ok for them to marry a quraish woman? is it ok for them to marry a woman from the prophet’s family. what are the requirements for them to marry an arab woman. under what conditions are the marriage contracts considered valid if a non-arab muslim man marries an arab woman or a quraish woman. please give me evidence from quran and sunnah. the reason i ask this question because i heard that some of islam's great scholar did not allow this kind of marriage. for example imam shafi and ibn taymiyyah did not allow arab women to marry non arab men.  it seems that this concept beat the purpose of brotherhood.  


next i was wondering why in the muslim world you see no interracial mixing. in the west you see many mixed race couples. for example white-asian, white-black, black-asian, darkskin-lightskin, latin-balck, latin-asain, latin white, and etc. why in the muslim world there are hardly any mixed race couples. why is that? interracial mixing is what creates real unity.

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sheikh naif m. “discoverislam uk-london


‘it is better for an individual to get married in his/her community but it is not obligation. it is better because the culture, language etc are known and it makes matters easy but again it is not an obligation.


an individual can get married to an arab, chinese, african or an individual belonging to any nationality or race as long as there is understanding i.e. both to be husband & wife meet each other with their walis (guardians) before the marriage and have an understanding of what they are getting in to.


an individual can also marry someone from the prophet’s family. there is no issue in it. 


an individual can also get married to someone who may be richer / poorer then them. 


i hope it is clear.


jazakallah hu khair
kind regards,

naif m.





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