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buying marketing services for the sake of rasoulallah.net

you can pay through the following ways:



buy advertisement credits for our web site



producing documentaries in several languages to support prophet muhammad (peace be upon him-)
-producing high definition posters and prints to call the west to learn about the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him). for example, press here.
producing and directing radio series in a creative way to teach others about the sirah (prophetic biography)-

-advertising through specialized companies in the targeted countries


-satellites’ advertisement


-moving advertisements on facebook and yahoo


-street display-boards


-posters and brochures for the islamic centers


-newspapers’ ads


-buying searching words in google & yahoo


-paid advertising campaigns through emails and mobile phones


-sending multi language booklets to the islamic centers all over the world introducing prophet muhammad



pay using credit card





in english and other language:

Pay via Paypal

to : info@rasoulallah.net


pay using bank transfer


sabeqoon est.

al rajhi bank

saudi arabia

account number: 207608010001668

branch number:207

iban number:sa79 8000 0207 6080 1000 1668 

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