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Part 1

muslim: "la ilaha illallah muhammad  rasoolullah"

non muslim: what are you reciting?

muslim: it is called the shahadah, a witness to our faith. if you say "la ilaha illa allah muhammad rasoolullah" which means that there is no god but allah and muhammad is the messenger of allah, sincerely, you are a muslim and you will go to jannah, in shaa allah!

non muslim: what is your religion?

muslim: islam is my religion.

non muslim: what is islam?

muslim: islam literally means "to submit or to surrender". it comes from the root word salam meaning peace. so, islam also means to acquire peace within self and the creations of allah by the way of submission to allah.

non muslim: who invented islam?

muslim: god almighty allah devised, designed islam. islam is the religion of all the prophets and messengers from adam to muhammad (peace be upon them all).

non muslim: how do you know it?

muslim: our holy and glorious quran says so.

non muslim: what is quran?

muslim: quran is 100% word of god almighty allah. quran is the primary source of islam.

non muslim: what are the other sources of islam?

muslim: apart from quran, ahadith are the other sacred source of islam along with scholar’s opinion.

non muslim: what are ahadith?

muslim: ahadith are prophet muhammad’s teachings, his actions, his sayings and his approval.

non muslim: so, did muhammad write  the quran?

muslim: absolutely not. it is the word of almighty allah. the quran was revealed to prophet muhammad by arch-angel gabriel or jibrail peace be upon him.


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