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Islam's Moderation Between Extravagance and Stinginess

3196 2010/05/04 2022/12/03

the sunnah always praises moderation as a means of maintaining physical health. it reprimands all those who declare things to be haram by their own authority. yet the sunnah also prohibits extravagant indulgence in eating and drinking as it causes bodily harm. the holy qur'an says [o children of adam, look to your adornment at every place of worship, and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. lo! he (allah) loves not the prodigals] (al-`araf 7:31). the prophet (peace be upon him) further asserted the mentioned verse when he said, "a human being has not filled any vessel worse than his stomach. a few bites are sufficient to make him strong. if it is inevitable (i.e. eating a lot because he likes eating), then one third for the stomach is to be filled with food, one third for the drink, and one third for breathing" (ahmad and at-tirmidhi)

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