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Preparing Oneself for Ramadan

Auther : Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha
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4492 2010/07/17 2024/06/13

to achieve the main goals of fasting dr. sano koutoub moustapha, professor of jurisprudence and its principles at the international islamic university, malaysia, states the following:

let us keep praying almighty allah to bless us in the month of sha`ban and give us the chance to fast the month of ramadan. for better preparation for the holy month of ramadan, i propose the following:

1. keep praying daily that allah gives us the chance and grants us good health that will enable us to fast the holy month.

2. start repenting and seeking the forgiveness of the almighty for all our wrongdoings before ramadan.

3. seek the strength from allah to fast in the way that he likes and wants.

4. seek forgiveness from all members of your family, workmates, neighbors, and relatives for any wrongdoing against them.

5. refrain from backbiting, slandering, and unlawful mixing with people.

6. clean your heart and soul from envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, arrogance, and all heart diseases.

7. seek the blessings of your parents, if they are alive, and their forgiveness for your shortcomings towards them.

8. increase your du`aa' and commitment to your daily duties and obligations.

with this, i think, we will be able to achieve the main goals of fasting.

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