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Supplication for one afflicated by whisperings in prayer or recitation

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supplication for one afflicated by whisperings in prayer or recitation


othman ibn al-aaas tnarrated: i said ‘o messenger of allah, verily the devil comes between me and my prayer and recitation making me confused’ the messenger of allah rreplied ‘that is a devil called khanzab, so if you sense his presence then seek refuge in allah from him and spit (a form of spitting comprising mainly of air with little spittle) on your left side three times.’


supplication for one whose affairs have become difficult


allahumma la sahla illa ma jaaaaltahu sahla, wa-anta tajaaalul- hazana in shi/ta sahla.

‘o allah, there is no ease except in that which you have made easy, and you make the difficulty, if you wish, easy.’


upon committing a sin


‘any servant who commits a sin and as a result, performs ablution, prays two units of prayer (i.e. two rakaaas) and then seeks allah’s forgiveness, allah would forgive him.’


supplication for expelling the devil and his whisperings


seeking refuge from him.



the athan (call to prayer).



recitation of the quran and the authentic texts of remembrance and supplications.

e.g. ‘do not make your homes like the graveyards, indeed the devils flee from the house in which soorat al-baqarah has been read’ related by muslim 1/539, also supplication and remembrance for the morning & evening, before sleep, when getting up, entering and leaving the toilet, entering and leaving the mosque, the recitation of ayat al-kursiyy and the last two verses of soorat al-baqarah before sleeping, the athan…etc.

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