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Hijaab of the Body Parts

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she asked me, “do you wear hijaab (islamic covering)?”

i said, “what hijaab?”
she said, “hijaab of the body parts.”
i asked, “what kind of hijaab is that?”
she said, “it is the perfect hijaab.”
i said, “i thought my garment and head cover were my hijaab.”
she said, “this is the outward hijaab. everyone can wear it.”
i said, “then, who observes this hijaab that you speak of?”
she said, “it belongs to the beloved ones.”
i said, “by whom are they beloved?”
she said, “they are beloved by allaah the merciful who accepts repentance.”
i said, “only because of hijaab?”
she said, “this hijaab has a story, and there is a beginning to each story.
adhere to hijaab that protects all your body parts from committing misdeeds, dear sister, so that you will be ever pleased. allaah the almighty says (what means): {o reassured soul, return to your lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to him].} [quran 89: 27-28]
hijaab of the eyes
adhere to it, sister, because by staring, your eyes commit zina (fornication).
be aware that the creator sees you, and lower your gaze.
why should you lower your gaze?
because looking at what is unlawful to you involves potential troubles and unrest.
by allaah, the heart complains and the soul cries, but you, poor sister, are oblivious and heedless.
the arrogant soul is confused by desires.
what a loss! do you know that the world is a business, whose capital is obedience, and your profit is contentment?
hijaab of the tongue
protect your tongue against harming others just like you protect yourself against harm.  
do not speak ill of  any woman, claiming that you are speaking the truth, for she may speak ill of you, definitely saying the truth.
the truth is that neither you nor she should insult each other.
allaah the almighty says (what means): {and do not spy or backbite each other. would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? you would detest it. and fear allaah; indeed, allaah is accepting of repentance and merciful.} [quran 49: 12]
how many corpses have you consumed, under the pretext of "speaking the truth"?
why have you stooped to this?
when will you have enough?
hijaab of the hands
do not let your hands do anyone injustice.
do not take hold of unlawful money.
read the punishment that is due in the world before you go to the hereafter, if you deride my words.
do not shake hands with male friends or neighbors,your hands will speak and testify against you on a day when your friends will not avail you, and when you will be either honored or disgraced.
hijaab of the heart
it is the pearl of the righteous soul and the  lofty spirit, this is what makes you well-pleased and pleasing to your lord.
are you sinful, but nevertheless do not seek forgiveness from allaah the almighty?
woe unto the heart that abides with a cruel soul!
make your heart a place for loving the merciful.
expel the whispers of satan from it.
say, “at this moment, i repent, o merciful. please grant me an abode in paradise.”
light up your heart with remembering allaah the almighty and reciting the quran.
have mercy upon your eyes by shedding some tears.
wipe away hardness from your heart.
and renounce this transient world.
elevate your spirit to the heavens.
praise be to allaah the almighty, my lord;
 he guided me and honored me.
what honor is superior to faith?
what  blessing is greater than islam?
whom should i love other than the merciful?
he created the heavens, the earth, and paradise for me.
he provided me with clothing, provision, and a home.
and should you count the favors of allaah, you could not enumerate them.
thank allaah i am his servant,
and that my heart is full of love for him.  
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