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Muhammad and the Thirsty Camel

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one day, the prophet was walking through the city when he came to a pleasant, shaded garden. some men were sitting under the leafy trees, others were drinking tea and talking. in one corner of the garden was a camel and it was obvious that the animal was in distress. the thin and exhausted animal was tied to a post in the hot sun and was howling,


muhammad stroked the camel and talked softly to it. then he approached the men who were drinking tea and talking. they all were relaxed, enjoying their tea in the shade.


‘whose camel is this?’ muhammad asked.

‘it’s mine,’ replied one of the men.


‘you should be ashamed of yourself,’ said muhammad.

‘allah has given you this animal. it has worked for you but you have not taken care of it. this animal is one of allah’s creatures and you have a duty to care for this animal before you relax, take tea and talk with your friends.’


the man was ashamed. from that day onwards, he remembered to look after his animals properly and to give them enough food and drink.

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