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1000 Sunnah per Day & Night _ Iphone

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the most important thing for the muslim in his daily life is following the sunnah of the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) in all his deeds and sayings so that to organize his life according to the example of the prophet (pbuh) at the morning and night.

the status of the believer is measured based on how much he follows the prophet (pbuh). the more the muslim is committed to the sunnah, the more he gets higher and more honored by allah.

this is why the program “1000 sunnah per day & night” is designed to revive the sunnah of the prophet muhammad (pbuh) for the muslims in their daily lives, to be followed in their worship, sleep, eating, drinking, dealings with people, purifying, going and coming, dressing and in all their movement and stillness.


we also added:


* reminders to fast mondays and thursdays,

* and qiyamah al leyl (after midnight prayer)

* besides, some azkar (remembrance of allah) and other reminders

* and we added new features for browsing


if the muslim is careful to apply “1000 sunnah per day & night”, then the total will be thirty thousand sunnah in the month. so, think about how many degrees and hasanat we can earn.



the program is available in: arabic, english, french, russian, spanish, indonesian, portuguese german,hindi, italian and dutch.















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