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Iqraa TV Channel Recommends rasoulallah.net

4262 2011/10/16 2024/06/14
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international site teaches about prophet muhammad in 12 languages

rasoulallah.net site is considered as the strongest and largest islamic sites to teach about the biography of prophet muhammad, peace be upon him, and respond to refute all suspicions and slanders on the biography of the prophet.



the site contains more than 70,000 documents, audio and visual files in 12 languages ​​(arabic, english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese, chinese, indonesian, russian, hebrew, german, and dutch), while the average visit to the site since its launch in december 2007 about 100 million visits. also, the site won the 2009 sheikh salem al-ali al-sabah informatics award.



the site aims not only to retell the prophet’s biography from a historical point of view, but it is for the sake of refreshing our love to our prophet whom we all love for sure and then to follow his example in our lives, as mentioned in the holy quran:”indeed in the messenger of allah (muhammad) you have a good example to follow"

the third aim of this site is to imitate the prophet’s morals and ethics in representing islam and in all our speeches and discussions with “the other”.

the site management decided to produce some documentary shows about prophet muhammad, peace be upon him. here is one of the site products:




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