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Hijaab Prevents the Woman from Finding a Suitable Job

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2214 2012/03/02 2021/06/19

many institutions refuse to employ veiled women as employees. when an employee wants to wear the veil, she exposes herself to dismissal. even if this practice takes place in some institutions and by some persons who look for the opportunity to take advantage of an employee's charms, a muslim woman who wants to wear the hijaab must be certain that hijaab does not prevent the sustenance provided by allaah the almighty. there are many women who do not wear the hijaab but they cannot find jobs.

it is the responsibility of men to financially support women. if a woman is in dire need and has to work to support herself or her children, then the delay in finding a suitable job is from the fate of allaah the almighty and his divine decree and a trial from him to know how sincere that woman is. when a woman is patient, she will ultimately find a suitable job in a suitable place. an employer who looks for a veiled woman is actually looking for an efficient employee whose lifestyle is in consonance with his own values.
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