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this book presents just some examples of the real beauty and greatness of islam.


it inspires us to have good intentions, positive attitudes, and kind feelings towards others.

it teaches us to forgive, and love for others what we love for ourselves.

it urges us to smile sincerely, and be kind to others.

it instructs us to act courteously.

it commands us to have good conduct and behave with respect.

it teaches us to be gentle to humans, animals, birds, and our environment.

it instructs us to respect and care for our parents and the elderly, and to be good to our families, spouses, and children.

it encourages us to help, feed, and support the weak, the poor, the needy, and the disabled.

it urges us to think, ponder, reason, and base our judgments on proof.


before i reveal the secret, let me point out that additionally ‘it’…

•  teaches us that all humans are equal regardless of their race, color, or nationality.

•  instructs us not to hurt, hate, transgress against, put down, or despise others.

clearly tells us why we are here, who brought us, where we are heading, and what our last destination is.

instructs us to live in peace and good relationship with god, self, and others.

clearly answers our significant, and critical questions.


indeed, it leads to ultimate truth and success, true peace of mind, real happiness, salvation, and  eternal life.


can you believe that this wonderful discovery is …islam?


if our minds are captive to prejudice, preconception, or prejudgment, we will never see the beauty or truth of anything.


perhaps you have preconceived, negative notions about islam. perhaps you have only seen it as portrayed by the media when reporting about terrorists – those few who would be terrorists regardless of their religion. perhaps you have read or heard about islam from unauthentic or biased sources.


so, i invite you to objectively and open-mindedly read this book demonstrating the beauty, clarity, and simplicity of islam.


as examples of its clarity and beauty, islam features:


clarity about the creation of the universe.

clarity about our creation.

clarity about our spirituality.

clarity and purity in the concept of god.

clarity in the concept of worship.

clarity about the purpose of life.

clarity about the next life.

clarity about our last destination (paradise or hell).

clarity about the way to gain true happiness and ultimate pleasure.


before we take off, let's remember these essential islamic definitions:


allah: in arabic, allah is the name of the one true god, the creator. islam teaches that allah is the true god of all mankind. jewish and christian arabs used this name (allah) to refer to god.

muhammad: is the last prophet of the one true god (allah); sent to all mankind (may allah’s blessings and peace be upon him).

islam: means submission to the will of the one true god (allah).

muslim: is one who submits to the will of the one true god (allah ).

the glorious qur’an: is the final word of the one true god (allah) revealed to prophet muhammad.

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