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The Religious Situation

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the religious situation

such was the religious life of the arabians before the advent of islam. the role that the religions prevalent played was so marginal, in fact it was next to nothing. the polytheists, who faked abrahamism, were so far detached from its precepts, and totally oblivious of its immanent good manners. they plunged into disobedience and ungodliness, and developed certain peculiar religious superstitions that managed to leave a serious impact on the religious and socio-political life in the whole of arabia.

judaism turned into abominable hypocrisy in league with hegemony. rabbis turned into lords to the exclusion of the lord. they got involved in the practice of dictatorial subjection of people and calling their subordinates to account for the least word or idea. their sole target turned into acquisition of wealth and power even if it were at the risk of losing their religion, or the emergence of atheism and disbelief.

christianity likewise opened its doors wide to polytheism, and got too difficult to comprehend as a heavenly religion. as a religious practice, it developed a sort of peculiar medley of man and god. it exercised no bearing whatsoever on the souls of the arabs who professed it simply because it was alien to their style of life and did not have the least relationship with their practical life.

people of other religions were similar to the polytheists with respect to their inclinations, dogmas, customs and traditions. 


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