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How to memorise for long-term ?

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 How to memorise for long-term ?


This is the Best way to memorize the Quran for long term !!!


Methods of Memorizing which rooted in mind:


1.  Read the lines ten times.  Then repeated to yourself.


If you read it as it continue to next line 'Verse". But if you have problem with a word... Read that word with one word before it and one word after it 5 times then read the whole line and repeated to yourself.


2. Then read the next line ten times.


Do not read it twice and repeated to yourself.. No !!! That's wrong !!


Even you memorize it from first time. You have to read it and read it till the word settle in your mind and locate on the line.


You read the first line ten times and second line ten times.


Now read the two lines three times and repeated to yourself. Then third, fourth, and fifth till the last page.


This we call it short-time memorization!! Might you lost it couple weeks ahead.


How to convert this page to long term memorization ??

Bring the page you memorize. Open it and read it 20 times reading!!  Preferably your finger on the line.


It will stick in your head InshaAllaah. And you will not forget it. Thanks to Allah. Why?


Because if you read it 20 times seen to the page, your eyes will take photocopy for that page, and it will stick in your mind. Allah willing you will never forget it.


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