Faith is not just in the Heart [Definition of Iman]

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Faith is not just in the Heart [Definition of Iman]

Imâm Al-Awzâ’î – Allâh have mercy on him – said:

Faith (îmân) is not sound except with [correct] words. Faith and words are not sound except with [good] works. And faith, words and deeds are not sound except with [the correct]intentionsin conformance to theSunnah.

Those who went before us of our Salaf did not separate faith from deeds: deeds are a part of faith, and faith is from [ones deeds]. îmân is a word that brings together these aspects of the religions [of Allâh] and is confirmed through [a person's] works.

So whoever believes in word, knows in his heart and confirms [his belief] through his works, then this is the strongest handhold that will never break. And whoever says [words of faith] but does not know [faith] in his heart nor confirms it with his works, it will never be accepted of him and he will be inthe hereafterfrom those who suffer in loss.


Ibn Battah,Al-Ibânah Al-Kubrâarticle 1097.

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