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Detestable Acts in the Prayer

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Detestable acts in the Prayer


It is detestable to turn around with one’s face and chest. There are exceptional cases such as turning around in case of fear or for a valid excuse. However, if one turns around unnecessarily with all one’s body, one’s prayer will be invalid, for one thus turns and does not face the Qiblah during prayer without a legal excuse.

It is also detestable to look toward the sky and close one’s eyes during prayer unnecessarily. Yet, it is not detestable to close one’s eyes when necessary, such as closing them to avoid looking at what may distract one during prayer, like decorations, ornaments, etc.

It is detestable to put one’s forearms flat while prostrating, stretching them with elbows touching the ground.

It is detestable as well to move and trifle in prayer, such as playing with one’s leg, beard, garment or anything else during prayer, or playing with one’s hand on the ground.

Among the detestable acts is placing one’s hands on one’s waist during prayer. 

Interlacing one’s fingers and cracking one’s knuckles are also detestable in prayer.

It is also detestable for one to perform prayer while there is some distracting thing in front of one (such as drawings on the prayer mat), or in a place where there are painting or drawings.

It is detestable to perform prayer while being disturbed by something such as one’s need to answer the call of nature (to urinate, excrete, or release wind) or being disturbed by extreme hot or cold weather, or performing prayer in the presence of delicious food one desires. 

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