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The Levels of Jihaad

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The Levels of Jihaad


[Taken from ‘Zaadul-Ma`aad’ (3/9-11) of Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim rahimahullaah]

Jihaad has four levels:-

1. Striving against ones self (Jihaadun-Nafs).


It has four levels:-

(i) Striving for it to learn the Guidance;

(ii) Striving for it to act upon it after knowing it;

(iii) Striving upon calling to it [otherwise he will be from those who conceal that which Allaah sent down];

(iv) Striving upon having patience (sabr) upon the hardships involved in Da`wah:


that he bears all these for Allaah’s sake; and if he completes these four levels then he will be from the ‘Rabaaniyyoon’ (the wise scholars who cultivate and educate correctly).

2. Striving against Satan (Jihaadush-Shaytaan).


It has two levels:-

(i) Striving to repel the erroneous (shubuhaat) which he puts forth.

(ii) Striving to repel the desires (shahawaat) which he puts forth.


So the first requires the weapon of certain Faith (al-Yaqeen), and the second require the weapon of patience (as-Sabr).

3. Striving against the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites (Jihaadul- Kuffaar wal-Munaafiqeen).


It has four levels:

(i) with the heart,

(ii) with the tongue,

(iii) with wealth,

(iv) with ones person.


As for Jihaad against the Unbelievers, then it is more particularly done with the hand; and Jihaad against the Hypocrites is more particularly done with the tongue.



4. Striving against the people of injustice, evil acts, and innovations.


It has three levels:

(i) with the hand, if he is able, and if he is not, then

(ii) with the tongue; and if he is unable, then:

(iii) with the heart.



So Jihaad has thirteen levels in total, and:

<<Whoever dies and has not fought, and not wished to fight, then he dies upon a branch of hypocrisy. >>


[Reported by Muslim (no. 1910) from a hadeeth of Aboo Hurairah – radiyallaahu `anhu-]

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