Islam being Introduced to Arabian Tribes and Individuals

Article translated to : العربية

in dhul qa‘dah, the tenth year of prophethood, i.e. july 619, the prophet [pbuh], returned to makkah to resume his activities. the time for pilgrimage to makkah was approaching so he hastened to introduce people both tribes and individuals to islam and call upon them to embrace it, just as it was his practice since the fourth year of his prophethood.

on the authority of az-zuhri, of the tribes that islam was introduced to, we could speak of banu ‘amir bin sa‘sa‘ah, muharib bin khasfa, fazarah, ghassan, murrah, haneefah, saleem, ‘abs, banu nasr, banu al-buka’, kindah, kalb, al-harith bin ka‘b, udhrah and people of hadrmout. islam was not introduced to them in one single year but rather repeatedly from the fourth year till the last pre-migration season of pilgrimage. they however, remained obdurate and none of them responded positively. [at-tirmidhi; mukhtasar seerat ar-rasool p.149; tareekh-e-islam 1/125]

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