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ِA Pact with the Jews

5026 2007/11/20 2024/05/21
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a cooperation and non-aggression pact with the jews

soon after emigrating to madinah and making sure that the pillars of the new islamic community were well established on strong bases of administrative, political and ideological unity, the prophet [pbuh] commenced to establish regular and clearly-defined relations with non-muslims. all of these efforts were exerted solely to provide peace, security, and prosperity to all mankind at large, and to bring about a spirit of rapport and harmony within his region, in particular.

geographically, the closest people to madinah were the jews. whilst harbouring evil intentions, and nursing bitter grudge, they showed not the least resistance nor the slightest animosity. the prophet decided to ratify a treaty with them with clauses that provided full freedom in faith and wealth. he had no intention whatsoever of following severe policies involving banishment, seizure of wealth and land or hostility.

the treaty came within the context of another one of a larger framework relating to inter-muslim relationships.

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