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Quraish's Provocations and Contacting Abdullah Bin Abi Saloul

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4226 2007/11/21 2024/02/25
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the quraishites, mortified at the escape of the prophet [pbuh] along with his devoted companions, and jealous of his growing power in madinah, kept a stringent watch over the muslims left behind and persecuted them in every possible way. they also initiated clandestine contacts with ‘abdullah bin uabi bin salul, chief of madinese polytheists, and president designate of the tribes ‘aws and khazraj before the prophet’s emigration. they sent him a strongly-worded ultimatum ordering him to fight or expel the prophet, otherwise they would launch a widespread military campaign that would exterminate his people and proscribe his women. [narrated by abu da'ud]

his pride wounded and kingship no longer his, ‘abdullah bin uabi bin salul, a priori responded positively to his quraishite co-polytheists. he mobilized his supporters to counteract the muslims. the prophet [pbuh] on hearing about this unholy alliance, summoned ‘abdullah and admonished him to be more sensible and thoughtful and cautioned his men against being snared in malicious tricks. [narrated by abu da'ud] the men, on grounds of cowardice, or reason, gave up the idea. their chief, however, seemingly complied, but at heart, he remained a wicked unpredictable accomplice with quraish and the envious jews. skirmishes and provocations started to pave the way for a major confrontation between the muslims and polytheists.

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