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Bani Al-Mustaliq Invasion, Sha‘ban 6 Hijri

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though militarily it did not assume its full dimension, this ghazwah had certain implications that brought about a state of turbulence within the islamic state, and resulted in disgracefulness to clothe in the hypocrites. moreover, it entailed enactment of consolidating legislations that attached an impression of nobility, dignity and purity of souls to the islamic community.

news reached the prophet [pbuh] on sha‘ban 2nd. to the effect that the chief of bani al-mustaliq, al-harith bin dirar had mobilised his men, along with some arabs, to attack madinah. buraidah bin al-haseeb al-aslami was immediately despatched to verify the reports. he had some words with abi dirar, who confirmed his intention of war. he later sent a reconnoiterer to explore the positions of the muslims but he was captured and killed. the prophet [pbuh] summoned his men and ordered them to prepare for war. before leaving, zaid bin haritha was mandated to see to the affairs of madinah and dispose them. on hearing the advent of the muslims, the disbelievers got frightened and the arabs going with them defected and ran away to their lives. abu bakr was entrusted with the banner of the emigrants, and that of the helpers went to sa‘d bin ‘ubada. the two armies were stationed at a well called muraisi. arrow shooting went on for an hour, and then the muslims rushed and engaged with the enemy in a battle that ended in full victory for the muslims. some men were killed, women and children of the disbelievers taken as captives, and a lot of booty fell to the lot of the muslims. only one muslim was killed by mistake by a helper. amongst the captives was juwairiyah, daughter of al-harith, chief of the disbelievers. the prophet [pbuh] married her and, in compensation, the muslims had to manumit a hundred others of the enemy prisoners who embraced islam, and were then called the prophet’s in-laws. [za'd al-ma'ad 2/112,113; ibn hisham 2/289,290,294,295]




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