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The Third Stage

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 the third and last stage of the life of the messenger [pbuh] embodies the fruitful results of his call to islam, which were the consequences of long-timed holy fights in the way of allâh (jihad), troubles, toil, disturbances, trials and a lot of bloody conflicts and battles, which lasted for over twenty years.

the conquest of makkah was considered the most serious profit achieved by muslims during those years. for it affected the course of events and consequently altered the arabs’ whole life. it was a decisive distinction between preconquest and post-conquest periods. for quraish, at that time, was in the eyes of arabs the defenders and helpers of arabs. other arabs are only their ancillaries. the submission of quraish is, therefore, estimated to be a final elimination of paganism in the arabian peninsula.

this stage can be divided into two main phases:

the phase of:

  1. holy wars and fighting.

  2. the tribes and people’s race to embrace islam.

being so close and rather inseparable, the two phases of this stage intervene in such a way that a happening of one phase occurs during the progress of the other. however, we have preferred — for expository purposes — to deal with these two phases distinctively. the fighting phase was given the priority in order, due to the fact that it is more intimate and fit than the other.


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