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The Severe Fighting around the Prophet

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as those groups of muslims were receiving the blows of the idolaters and resisting instantly, the fight flared up around the messenger of allâh [pbuh], who had only nine people around him. we have already mentioned that when the idolaters started their encompassment there were only nine persons around the messenger of allâh [pbuh]; and that as soon as he called out unto the muslims: "come on! i am the messenger of allâh [pbuh]," the idolaters heard his voice and recognized him. so they turned back and attacked him with all their power before any of his companions ran to his aid.

a violent raging struggle broke out between the nine muslims and the idolaters during which peerless sort of love, self-sacrifice, bravery and heroism were revealed.

muslim, on the authority of anas bin malik narrated that the messenger of allâh [pbuh] along with seven helpers and two emigrants, was confined to a trap when the idolaters attacked him. the messenger of allâh [pbuh] then said: " he who pushes back those idolaters, will be housed in paradise." or "he will be my companion in paradise." one of the helpers stepped forward and fought the idolaters in defence of the prophet [pbuh] till he was killed. then they attacked the messenger [pbuh] again. the same process was repeated again and again till all the seven helpers were killed. then the messenger of allâh [pbuh] said to his two quraishite companions: "we have not done justice to our companions."[sahih muslim 2/107]

the last of those seven helpers was ‘amara bin yazeed bin as-sakan, who kept on fighting till his wounds neutralized him and he fell dead.[ibn hisham 2/81]


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