Back to Madienah: Matchless Examples of Love and Devotion

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after committing all the martyrs to earth, and after offering praise and supplication to allâh, the messenger of allâh [pbuh] went back to madinah.

on his way back, matchless examples of love and devotion were revealed by the truthful women believers; in no way less great than the men’s heroic deeds in the fight.

hamnah bint jahsh met the messenger of allâh [pbuh] on the way back, and he announced the death of her brother — ‘abdullah bin jahsh — to her. she said: "to allâh we belong and to him we will verily return. i ask allâh’s forgiveness." then he announced the death of her maternal uncle hamzah bin ‘abdul muttalib. she said: "to allâh we belong and to him we will verily return. i ask allâh’s forgiveness." but when he announced the death of her husband mus‘ab bin ‘umair to her, she shouted and woed. seeing her doing so, the messenger of allâh [pbuh] said: "the woman’s husband is extremely dear to her." [ibn hisham 2/98]

he passed by a woman of bani dinar whose husband, father and brother were all killed at uhud. when their death announced, she said: "how is the messenger of allâh [pbuh] ?" they said: "well indeed. o mother of so... thanks for allâh; he is well and as good as you desire." she said: "let me see him." they pointed at him. seeing him she said: "all misfortunes are nothing so long as you are safe." [ibn hisham 2/99]

umm sa‘d bin mu‘adh came running to see the prophet [pbuh]. at that time her son was holding the rein of his mare. seeing his mother, he said to the prophet [pbuh]: "o messenger of allâh [pbuh]. this is my mother." the prophet [pbuh] said: "she is welcome"; and he stopped and waited for her. when she drew near, he consoled her, for her killed son ‘amr bin mu‘adh. but she said: "so long as i see you are safe, my misfortune will certainly go into oblivion." then the messenger of allâh [pbuh] supplicated allâh for the relatives of those who were killed at uhud and said: "cheer up! umm sa‘d and bear good tidings to their kindred that all their people killed in the battle are comrades in paradise and they are intercessors for all their kinsfolk." she replied, "o messenger of allâh, we are satisfied. who would cry on them after this cheerful news?" then she resumed saying: "o messenger of allâh, invoke allâh (for those who stayed behind)" he said: "o allâh keep sorrow off their hearts! and console them with their misfortunes. compensate those who stayed behind with goodness and welfare." [as-seerat al-halabiyah 2/47]

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