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Bani Lihyan Invasion

3862 2007/11/22 2024/04/23
Article translated to : العربية
 bani lihyan had acted treacherously towards ten of the prophet’s companions and had them hanged. their habitation being situated deep in the heart of hijaz on the borders of makkah, and due to deep-seated blood-revenge between the muslims on the one hand, and quraish and the arabians on the other, the prophet [pbuh] deemed it unwise to penetrate deep and come close to the greatest enemy, quraish. however, when the power of the allied confederates collapsed and they began to slacken and resign to the current unfavourable balance of power, the messenger of allâh [pbuh] seized this rare opportunity and decided that it was time to take revenge on bani lihyan. he set out in rabi‘ al-awwal or jumada al-ula in the year six hijri at the head of two hundred muslim fighters and made a feint of heading for syria, then soon changed route towards batn gharran, the scene of his companions’ tragedy, and invoked allâh’s mercy on them. news of his march reached bani lihyan, who immediately fled to the mountain tops nearby and thus remained out of his reach. on his way back, the prophet [pbuh] despatched a group of ten horsemen to a place called kura‘ al-ghamim, in the vicinity of the habitation of quraish in order to indirectly confirm his growing military power. all these skirmishes took fourteen days, after which he left back for home.


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