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Is the Selection (of the prophets) Only from the People of Israel?

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The Bible text speaks in apparent contradictions to the following subject of salvation. According to Johanna, Jesus said to Samurai in the context of his talking about Jesus: “because the salvation is from the Jews)" Johanna 4/22). But this matter is mentioned in a lot of other texts in the Bible and the Old Testament, which throw doubt on the correctness of the issue of this statement from Jesus, especially, that it is mentioned apparently in the context in which it is mentioned. We found here that it is worthy to mention the texts of the holy Bible that indicate the possibility of the transfer of the prophecy from Israel to another nation like the Arab?


Allah has sent a lot of prophets to the people of Israel, but they didn't believe them and killed them. Let’s contemplate what is said by the prophet about this insurgent nation, in order to find whether it deserves the permanency of blessing and selection. Mousses said about them: “they are a nation that have neither opinion nor insight, if they were reasonable, they would comprehend this and contemplate the afterworld-" 32:28/29

And he said: " a distorted and indirect generation, how they are awarded whereas they are stupid and unwise people?-"the repetition 32/5-6


The same was said by Elias: " I have felt the same jealousy of God, the God of the soldiers, because the people of Israel have left your convention and breach your slaughters, in addition they killed your prophets by sword. Then I was left alone, and they wanted to kill me-" Kings (Al-Mlouk) (1) 19/10


The same description, Allah described them in the book of the Prophet Hazkial: ”Allah said to me: I send you to the people of Israel, to an insurgent nation that was insurgent with me and were disobedient to me until this day. And I send you to the cruel and the hard-hearted people to tell them: all what God say. They may obey or not, because they are insurgents. They know that a prophet has been sent to them. As for you, do not be afraid of them and from their speech. Do not be afraid, because you live among the scorpions. Do not be afraid of their speech and do not get scared from their cruel faces, because they are insurgents. You have to speak with them according to my speech, they may obey or not, because they are insurgents. Hazkial 2/3-8


Also this was said about them by the Prophet Ishia: " skies hear and you the earth listen, because God is speaking, i have brought up sons, as for them they disobeyed me. the bull knows its sponsor and the donkey knows its owner, as for the people of Israel they don't know, my nation did not understand. Woe unto the mistaken nation, people full of sins, the children of the evil-committer. A corrupted generation, who left God and despise the sanity of Israel, you will increase your deviation, everyone is ill and every heart is atheist. From the feet until the head there is not any sanity but injury, depression and a soft hit which is not moisten by Oil- "Ishia 1/1-6.


When Jesus came he called Jerusalem: "you the killer of the prophets "Matta 13/37 ( for the great number of prophets who were killed on its land. Jesus said while talking to their groups:” woe unto you the writers and the hypocrite Pharisee…. woe unto you the blinded leaders… the ignorant and blinded men… the snakes the sons of the serpents, how dare you to escape from the doom of the hell, therefore i sent to you prophets, wise men and the writers, whom you will kill and crucify, while you will whip others in your gathering… Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets "…Matta 37/23


Is this a nation that deserves to have the welfare and the prophecy on its land? If no, then which nation is the selected one? Which nation other than the nation that is promised by welfare repeatedly; that's of the sons of Isma'eel (peace be upon him)? There is not any nation that don't pretend being the selected nation    






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