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Jacob's Omen about Shilon

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The prophets followed in succession and they predicted the coming of the final Prophet. They mentioned his characteristics and his condition and the most important of these characteristics that he isn`t from Israel, he has a law [Sharia] that lasts forever, he will defeat his enemies and his message will be for the welfare of all nations. 


These characteristics didn`t exist in anyone of the prophets except him. And the Christians can`t describe any of the prophets by such predictions-that they admitted that they were true- except him. That Mosses and Jesus were prophets to Israel only. And Mosses has a law [Sharia] and his followers defeated their enemies. But for Jesus, he didn`t have an independent law [Sharia], but he came with Mosses’ law and its completeness. Jesus is the one who said: 


”Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them” Matthew 5/17.


And also he wasn`t destined to defeat his enemies, but the Christians said that he had been crucified. So how can it be said that one of them is the chosen who defeats his enemies and the nations wait for him?



The oldest written predictions that spoke about the final prophet were mentioned in Jacob`s advise to his sons before his death when he said to them:

“There is not any rod that will move from Judaic and legislated from in between them until Shilon came and to him all the nations will submit”

The Genesis [Al-Takwin]49/10


The translations differ in three words of the text. Some replace the word ”rod” with the king or the sceptre, and all of them have the same meaning . Also it replaced the word “legislator” with the disposer or the arranger, and they are near in the meaning of the legislator and the disposer of his people.


But the most important difference is in the word ”Shilon” which remained as it is in most of the translations. In another Hebrew translation, it has been written” until the coming of Jesus” the priest Ibraham Locas interpreted “Shilon” as Jesus and considered it a correct translation for the Hebrew word “Shilon”. The American edition of the holy Bible mentioned in its margin that ”Shilon”  means safety or the one who has.

 So what is the proper meaning of the word “Shilon” in which the prophecy rotates?



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