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None of you should say this: Woe be upon the Time

Auther : Dr.Muhammad Bakr Isma`eel
Under category : The Prophetic Commandments
1070 2019/08/27 2024/06/23
Article translated to : العربية हिन्दी اردو

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as saying:

Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said: The son of Adam displeases me as he says: Woe be upon the Time. None of you should say this: Woe be upon the Time, as I am the Time (because) I alternate the day and the night, and when I wish I can finish them up.


According to the Islamic prospective forbearance is the master of ethics. The patience to endure the tests is half of the faith, and thanking Allah for the blessings is its other half. If the Muslim lost the forbearance, patience and thanks, he would be characterized by the foolishness, the impatience and ingratitude.

The result of sticking to forbearance, patience and thanking Allah is: to treat the matters with wisdom and deliberateness, to confront the adversities with a reassuring heart, and to deal with the blessings in a way that preserves and increases them.

As for the forbearance which is: the leniency, humbleness, controlling the anger, pardon, and forgiveness. Allah has invited his slaves to stick to these noble morals and promised them to enter the Paradise which width is as the heavens and the earth..

As for the patience, it is a determination to attain the high ranks that Allah has made the best assistant for man to do the acts of worship, to leave the sins and to reach the ends.

As for thanking, it is enough for us to know that it is the spirit of the worship.

The statement " Woe be upon the Time ": is a prayer that indicates disappointment and sorrow.

Please note O Muslim brother - that the greatest thing with which one draws closer to the Lord - the Almighty - is to deal politely with him. The slave will not reach the high ranks of servitude unless he completely guards his tongue against every negative word devoid of praising Allah. Or be a cause of harming a servant of Allah, and no one will survive from the torment of Allah - unless His words matches his deeds; so that He does not say what He does not do, and does not boast of what he does not possess.  


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