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Arise and Warn!

Auther : Haya Muhammad Eid
824 2019/11/21 2024/07/24

Arise! There is no longer time for rest. Pull yourself away from the warmth of home and family and come to striving. Arise and shoulder the Message. Arise for humanity to worship their Creator. Arise to defeat darkness, eliminate Shirk, and uplift the Word of Allah most high.

With these powerful summoning Words began the Call to Islam, at first secretly, for Islam was born a stranger among harsh people. Their only religion was stones. Their only pretext was that they found their fathers worshiping idols, and they were to follow in their footsteps. The sword solved any conflicts in their torn community where obscenities were committed, daughters buried alive, ties of kinship severed, neighbors abused, and the strong devoured the weak. So, it had to start as a stranger.

 Islam started a stranger and it will return a stranger as it has started, so Tuba (all kinds of happiness or  the name of a tree in Paradise) is to the (likewise) strangers

(Sahih Muslim)

The chosen environment for the birthplace of Islam represented one of the hardest challenges that falsehood ever threw into the path of faith and the worst of doubts that ever troubled souls. The success of Islam in uplifting this tribal community from the abyss to the summit meant it had the ability to achieve this uplift anywhere.


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