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Three Blessings

Auther : Haya Muhammad Eid
672 2020/02/03 2020/07/06
Three Blessings

Speaking about the three superb blessings in his worldly life, the Prophet (Pbuh) said,

“Made beloved to me from your world are women and perfume, and the apple of my eye is made to be in Salah.”1

The Prophet (Pbuh) first dedicated his love to women, whom he (Pbuh) regarded as his home in this world and his companions in the Hereafter. Such was the value and loyalty he (Pbuh) attached to women.

Then he (Pbuh) gently mentioned fragrance, something as soft and delicate as women, which he (Pbuh) loved to put on while inviting people to Allah’s Path and was the only thing he (Pbuh) allowed himself of worldly goods.

As for the apple of his eye, it was the long hours he (Pbuh) stood praying to the Lord of existence.


  1. Anas bin Malik, Sunan An-Nas‘ay, Book of ‘Ashrat Al-Nisa’ (Companionship of Wives), Hadith no. 3878.

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