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Muhammad condemned extremism

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561 2021/01/21 2024/05/25

He called for a balanced way of life, balanced views and rational thinking. It is narrated that three people came to his house to ask about his style of worship. Muhammad wasn’t at home and his wife talked to them. However, they found his level of worship less than what they expected.

They thought that a religious way of life requires focusing on spiritualities and ignoring some of the body needs or depriving it from natural desires.

According to their understanding, a religious person needs to stay single and must not get married. Also, he or she needs to fast every day and perform every night extra prayers besides the daily prayers.

When Muhammad knew what they said, he was upset but he stated that he usually performed extra prayers at night and rested like other people. In addition to the annual fasting in the month of Ramadan, he fasted for some time and he did not fast for other times. Finally, he got married and did not like people to stay single. He said:

“This is my Sunnah (the way of life that God likes). Whoever does not accept it, he / she is not one of us”.

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