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Some Important Events that featured that Year

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during this year many events of great significance took place. they were:

  1. after the messenger’s return from tabuk, the sworn allegation of infidelity [in case of an infidelity accusation that lacks evidence, both husband and wife swear by allah that they are innocent and did not commit infidelity. the husband invokes allah's curses on himself if he is lying and the women invokes allah's wrath on her if she is lying] between ‘uwaimir al-‘ajlani and his wife took place.
  2. pelting with stones the ghamidiyah woman who confessed committing adultery. she was pelted with stones only after weaning her child off her breast milk.
  3. negus ashama; the king of abyssinia (ethiopia), died so the prophet [pbuh] performed prayer in absentia for him.
  4. the death of umm kulthum, the daughter of the prophet [pbuh], the prophet felt extremely sad at her death. "had i got a third daughter, i would let you marry her." he said to ‘uthman.
  5. the death of ‘abdullah bin abi salool, the head of hypocrites, after the prophet’s return from tabuk. the messenger of allâh [pbuh] asked allâh’s forgiveness for him. he also prayed for him in spite of ‘umar’s disapproval and his attempt to prevent him from doing that. later on a qur’ânic verse was revealed attesting to ‘umar’s right viewpoint.


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