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The Prophet [pbuh] Breathes his Last

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when the pangs of death started, ‘aishah leant him against her. she used to say: one of allâh’s bounties upon me is that the messenger of allâh [pbuh] died in my house, while i am still alive. he died between my chest and neck while he was leaning against me. allâh has mixed his saliva with mine at his death. for ‘abdur rahman — the son of abu bakr — came in with a siwak (i.e. the root of a desert plant used for brushing teeth) in his hand, while i was leaning the messenger of allâh [pbuh] against me. i noticed that he was looking at the siwak, so i asked him — for i knew that he wanted it — "would you like me to take it for you?" he nodded in agreement. i took it and gave it to him. as it was too hard for him, i asked him "shall i soften it for you?" he nodded in agreement. so i softened it with my saliva and he passed it (on his teeth).

in another version it is said: "so he brushed (istanna) his teeth as nice as he could." there was a water container (rakwa) available at his hand with some water in. he put his hand in it and wiped his face with it and said:

"there is no god but allâh. death is full of agonies." [sahih al-bukhari 2/640]

as soon as he had finished his siwak brushing, he raised his hand or his finger up, looked upwards to the ceiling and moved his lips. so ‘aishah listened to him. she heard him say: "with those on whom you have bestowed your grace with the prophets and the truthful ones (as-siddeeqeen), the martyrs and the good doers. o allâh, forgive me and have mercy upon me and join me to the companionship on high." [ibid 2/638-641] then at intervals he uttered these words: "the most exalted companionship on high. to allâh we turn and to him we turn back for help and last abode." this event took place at high morning time on monday, the twelfth of rabi‘ al-awwal, in the eleventh year of al-hijrah. he was sixty-three years and four days old when he died.


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