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Do Muslims attribute divinity to Muhammad?

Auther : Ibrahim H. Malabari
654 2022/01/25 2024/05/30

Considering the pure and strict monotheism of Islam this question looks at the outset irrelevant and even absurd. But due to the fact that Muslims highly respect and venerate the Prophet, many non-Muslims, especially in the West, mistakenly believe that Muslims worship him. Indeed some of them have accused Muslims of believing that the Prophet is God. 

The spectacular event that took place at his death is enough to put all questions related to this issue to rest. When the Prophet passed away, his companions, especially those close to him were reluctant to believe the news. One of the strongest among them who was later to become the second Caliph, Umar Bin Al-Khattab, not only rejected to accept the fact that the Prophet passed away, but even  threatened to kill anyone who would spread this “rumour.” But the Prophet’s and Umar’s friend, Abu Bakr , after verifying the earthly demise of the Prophet stood up and declared in the firmest of words, “O people! If anyone of you worships Muhammad, Muhammad is dead. [But] if anyone of you worships God, God is Alive and Immortal.”

Abu Bakr then recited the verse that had been revealed to the Prophet after the battle of Uhud, when many Muslims had been shocked by the false rumor of his death: “Muhammad is naught but a Messenger, Messengers had passed away before him. Why, if he should die or is slain, will you turn upon your heels?” The verses made such an impact on the people that it was as though they were hearing them for the first time. 

Before his death the Prophet cautioned his followers unequivocally that they should not worship or make idols of him like the followers of other Prophets did. He tirelessly educated them of his mortality and his being a man, except that he is the Messenger of God. 

The Qur’an unequivocally states:  

 “Say [O Prophet]: “I am but a mortal man like all of you” . 


The Qur’an repeats this point several times

He prohibited building a place of worship on top of his grave. The Prophet in fact was buried in his apartment, which was attached to the main mosque of Medina. It still remains attached to that same mosque, and while Muslims visit the mosque and pray in it, they only visit his grave and send benedictions upon him. They do not pray to him for any benefit because doing so is strictly forbidden in Islam.  

Finally, it is pertinent to note that not a single Islamic sect considers Muhammad as God or worships him. 

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