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His Guidance in Actions During Praye

Auther : Dr. Ahmad bin Uthman al-Mazyad
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27 2022/05/12 2022/06/27
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It was not his practice to look around during prayer.

He did not close his eyes while praying.

He used to bow his head during prayer. Sometimes he started the prayer with theintention to make it long but upon hearing the crying of a child, he shortened it to avoid hardship on his mother.

He sometimes performed the obligatory prayer carrying his granddaughter Umamah on his shoulders. When standing he held her and during ruku` and sujood put her down.

When praying, his grandson, al-Hasan or alHussein would climb on his back. He prolonged the prostration to prevent him from falling.

When he was praying, [his wife] Aisha arrived and he stepped forward to open the door for her and returned to his place.

He would respond to a greeting during prayer by a sign of the hand.

He would sigh, weep or clear his throat when necessary.

He used to pray barefoot at times or with his shoes on, and ordered prayer-wearing shoes in order to be different from the Jews.

He sometimes used to pray in one garment, but more often in two garments.

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