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The first pillar: belief in Allah Almighty

Auther : Dr. Fakhruddeen ibn Az-Zubair ibn Ali Al-Mahsi
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39 2022/05/09 2022/08/19
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● Is to believe in the existence of Allah, who cannot be seen and comprehended by the created. The evidence of His existence is  conclusive innate, agreed upon by wise people, and those who do not believe in Him acknowledge His existence within their hearts because every creature has a creator who is knowing and omnipotent .

● And to believe that Allah Almighty is the Lord and the creator of everything. He Who manages the universe, determines things, divides the sustenance, and if He intends to do something, He just says: “Be”, and it is. .

● The Muslim believes that Allah Almighty has the attributes of perfection, greatness and highness, nothing like Him. His being cannot be thought of or described except in what He describes Himself in Qur’an or in what his prophet (PBUH) describes Him in Sunnah.

● The Muslim believes that Allah is worthy of worship with nopartner such as an angel, a prophet, or a guardian, whetherit is a heartfelt
worship, such as: trust, fear, hopefulness andaffection, a verbal  worship, such as: remembrance, dua’a(prayer) and making a vow, or  worship by deeds, such as:prayer, hajj and sacrifice.

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