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The second pillar: belief in the existence of Angels

Auther : Dr. Fakhruddeen ibn Az-Zubair ibn Ali Al-Mahsi
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268 2022/05/10 2024/07/18
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● It is to believe that they are Allah’s creatures who never disobey His orders and do what they are asked to do.

● They are created from light; they are not females, having great characteristics and Allah is the only one who can count


● They have jobs assigned to them, for example Jibril’s job is revelation, Michael is entrusted with rain, Israfil is entrusted
with blowing the horn, Malik is the keeper of the Hellfire, and there is the keeper of Heaven, the angel of death, Munkar and Nakir, who ask those in their graves, keepers writers, angels bearing the throne, angels dedicated to worship since Allah created them, and angels who fought with the prophet -PBUH- in his battles and some angels were seen in the night

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