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The fourth pillar: belief in Allah’s messengers

Auther : Dr. Fakhruddeen ibn Az-Zubair ibn Ali Al-Mahsi
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191 2022/05/14 2024/04/20
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● It is to believe that Allah Almighty has chosen prophets outof people to show guidance, to worship Him and to make Hisargumentation. Also, He has favored some prophets overothers. They are impeccable in what they report about Allah and have miracles that support their message.

● All the prophets believe one another in the origin of their messages of monotheism (the oneness of Allah) and worship, although some of their laws differ.

● The best of the prophets are the resolute ones (Ulul-’Azm), and they are: Noah, Abraham, Musa, Isaa and Mohammad - PBU all of them-.

● Isaa -peace be upon him- is Allah’s worshiper and prophet. He is Allah’s Word which He bestowed on Maryam, raised him to heaven and he will be descended when the Day of Judgment approaches

● Every nation has its own prophet with an old or a new law. The last prophet is Mohammad - PBUH- whom previous prophets talked about, and indisputable evidence showed the sincerity and truthfulness of his message.

● Believing in Allah’s prophet is to know him. He is Mohammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib Alhashimi Alqurashi, he was born in Mecca on Monday in the Elephant year. He was an orphan as his father died and did not see him, then his mother died when he was a child. He was raised by his grandfather, then by his uncle Abu Talib.

● Prophet Mohammad worked as a shepherd, then he worked in commerce. He was known for his honesty and sincerity, then he married Khadija when he was 25 years old.

● The revelation occurred in a cave on Mount Hira when he was 40 years old, and then he called people to worship Allah Almighty alone., Khadija was the first woman who believed  in him, Abu Baker was the first man who believed in him and Ali ibn Abi Ṭalib was the first boy as well -may Allah be pleased with them all.

● He sacrificed himself to Allah, and to call people to believe in Him. He was tested in himself, and Allah Almighty supported him with miracles. Moreover, he was taken to al-Masjid al- Aqṣa then into the higher heavens and he saw the major signs of Allah.

● Afterwards, prophet Mohammad immigrated to Medina and built Quba’ Mosque then Al-masjid An-nabawi., He gathered the companions around him and started his jihad in the name of Allah Almighty with the battle of Badr in (2 AH) which ended with the victory of Muslims. Followed by the battle of Uhud (3 AH) when the companions suffered because some of them disobeyed the prophet’s orders. later, the Ditch battle in (5AH) and Bani Almustaleq battle during which the incident of slander occurred in (6 AH). It is when the hypocrites talked about the honor of Aishah - may Allah be pleased with her-, but Allah declared her innocence from above the Seven Heavens. Then, Banu Qurayza Battle occurred, Hudaibia Agreement, the Pledge of Ridwan in (6 AH), Battle of Khaibar in (7 AH) and the Battle of Mo’ta in (8 AH). afterwards, the Conquest of Mecca occurred and that was in Ramadan, (8 AH) when truth had come out and falsehood perished. In the same year the Battle of Honayn occurred and in (9 AH) was the battle of Tabouk. Later, delegations started to come one after another to the prophet - PBUH-and tribes entered Allah’s religion in crowds.

● The last event among these great ones was the Farwell Hajj in (10 AH) and after 3 months prophet Mohammad - PBUHpassed away after he handed back the trust and delivered the message. His law and sunnah are still existing among his nation until the Day of Judgment, who follows it will enter Jannah (paradise) and who denies it will go to Fire (hell).

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