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The sixth pillar: belief in destiny

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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343 2022/05/19 2024/02/22
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To believe that everything happens in the universe is by Allah’s knowledge, discretion, will and creation. Nothing happensexcept what He  wants it to, and destiny includes four levels:

The first level : knowledge: to believe that Allah Almighty knows everything, always and forever in detail.

The second level : Writing: to believe that Allah Almighty wrote the destinies for everything in the Divine-protected Tablet fifty thousand years before creating heavens and earth.

The third level: The will: to believe that everything happens by Allah’s Almighty will.

The fourth level: Creation: to believe that Allah Almight ycreated everything.

Every human being has a will and the ability to choose his actions after Allah Almighty had guided him into and clarified the two paths. Never theless, he never deviates away from what Allah Almighty taught and ordained for him. Hence, he surrenders to Allah Almighty destiny, accepts it, and does not invoke destiny for sin.

Invalidators of faith :

● The major disbelief which means to make a peer to Allah in His qualities, worthiness of worship and how He acts in the


● To assign a mediator between Allah and His creatures to call for help, worship and offer him sacrifices.

● To make fun of or insult any of Allah’s symbols in speech or deeds.

● Practicing magic and devout to Jinn, fortunetelling and claiming the knowledge of the unseen.

● To hate something of what Allah Almighty descended or to hate His law.

● To turn away from religion, disobeying it and denying something of its fixed matters.

● To favor a law other than Allah’s Almighty, and to believe that  it is not valid.

● To believe that guardians can deviate from the prophet’s (PBUH) law

● To take disbelievers as friends, love their disbelief and support them against Islam.

Increasing Faith

Faith is increased by obedience and decreased by doing sins. Reasons of its strength include:

1. Lots of supplications to steadfast faith.

2. To recite, understand and follow Qur’an.

3. Seeking knowledge and listening to remembrance and preaching.

4. Choosing a good and advising company.

5. Maintaining congregational prayers and always going to -masjid.

6. To practice supererogatory forms of worship.

7. Keeping repentance, asking for forgiveness and keeping the remembrance of Allah.

8. Visiting sick people and going to funerals.

9. Visiting graves and remembering death.

10. Avoiding major sins which include:

● The minor disbelief such as: pretension, amulets, pessimism, swear by other than Allah, etc.

● Disobedience of parents and severing blood ties.

● Commiting suicide, or to kill Muslims with no sins, entrusted or people of covenants.

● Adultery and various kinds of immoralities.

● Drinking alcohol, taking drugs and all wicked deeds.

● Eating what is forbidden such as dead animals, blood,swine flesh, animals that are slaughtered for the sake other than Allah, impurities , everything that harm humans, etc.

● Usury which means differentiation between the types of usury, payment delay or to increase loans etc.

● Taking money illegally, such as stealing, embezzlement,cheating or by force.

● Gambling, bribery, and forbidden sales.

● Injustice and prostitution of all kinds, by speech or deed.

● Slandering innocent people, inventing lies against them and challenging for lineages

● Gossiping, backbiting, cursing, or wailing over a dead person.

● Lying, betrayal, falsehood, and disastrous oath.

● Arrogance, reminder of generosity, hate, envy, and mistrust.

● To talk badly about, decry or hate some of the companions.

● Creating beliefs or worships contradicting sunnah and not to rule by Allah’s law.

● Leaving the community of Muslims, their guardians,and disunity in religion.

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