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Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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213 2022/05/22 2024/02/25
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● It means: the submission to Allah Almighty in monotheism, obedience to Allah and refraining from polytheism and what is related to it.

● It is the eternal religion of Allah Almighty which He accepted for people, and it has two pillars:

ᴑ General : it means to worship Allah Almighty with no one other than Him and it is the religion of all the prophets.

ᴑ Specific : to worship by the laws of -Qur’an which prophet Mohammad - PBUH- came with, and it nullifies what has descended before it.

Islam Pillars :

There are five pillars,: The two declarations , salat (prayer), zakat (giving), sawm (fasting the month of Ramadan) and hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

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