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18. The Prophet’s Guidance in Da`wah

Auther : Dr. Ahmad bin Uthman al-Mazyad
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393 2022/05/30 2024/05/26
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He invited people to Allah day and night, secretly and publicly. He remained in Makkahthree years at the beginning of his prophethood, calling for the worship of Allah secretly. But after the verse was revealed saying:

“Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists

He complied with the order of Allah without fearing the blame of a critic. He invited the old and the young, freemen and slaves, males and females, human beings and jinn to believe in Allah.

When persecution and torture increased against his companions in Makkah, he allowed them to emigrate to Abyssinia.

He went to Taif, hoping to find support.

He called them to believe in Allah, but no one responded to him. On the contrary, they abused him even more than his own people and expelled him, returning him to Makkah, where he entered under the protection of Mut`im bin `Adiyy. 

He continued da`wah openly for ten years, taking advantage of annual seasons and following pilgrims to their camps. He also made da`wah during the trade seasons of Okaz, Majinnah and Dhil-Majaaz and would ask about each tribe and its campsite.

Finally, he met six people from the Khazraj tribe at al-Aqabah. He presented Islam to them and they accepted it. Upon returning to Madinah, they invited the people to Islam,  and soon it spread until there was no home in which Islam had not entered.

The following year twelve of them came and concluded with him the Pledge of `Aqabah pledging obedience, financial support and toorder what is right and forbid what is wrong.

They also pledged to speak about Allah without fearing the reproach of any critic and to aid and protect the Prophet as they would  protect themselves, their wives and their children in exchange for the reward of Paradise. They returned to Madinah, accompanied by Ibn Umm Maktoum and Mus`ab bin `Umayr to teach the Qur'an and call people to Allah. Through their da`wah many people entered Islam, among them Usayd bin Hudhayr and Sa`d bin Mu`adh .

Then he  allowed Muslims to emigrate to Madinah and they began to do so. He and his companion [Abu Bakr ] later followed them.

He established a brotherhood between the Muhajireen158 and the Ansaar. They were 90 men in all.

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