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Description of major ablution:

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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32 2022/05/31 2022/10/03
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Deux façons pour faire ses ablutions majeures (ghusl) :

a. Obligatory, where major ablution is not valid without doing it: state al-niyyah of major ablution in the heart, then rinse the water on  the whole body by pouring it or by immersing in a tub, river, sea, etc.

b. Desired as a whole, which is as follow:

1. state al-niyyah in the heart not speech by the tongue and say Bismillah.

2. Wash the private area with the left hand.

3. Do a full wudu and one can postpone washing the feet till the end.

4. Wash the right part of the body then the left part.

5. Wash the rest of your body by pouring water over the head then the body three times.

6. Women wash out of menstruation and postpartum as mentioned above, but it is preferable to untie her hair unlike in janabah (ritual impurity).

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