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Wiping over the boots

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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195 2022/06/02 2024/05/27
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● Boots are what are worn in the feet, made of leather, etc. and they include shoes and what is similar to them.

● He who wears them: wipe the top not the bottom of them.

● There are four conditions to wipe the boots:

1. To wear them in purity.

2. The boots or socks are pure, otherwise it is not allowed to wipe over them.

3. Wiping is allowed in the minor ritual impurity not in janabah or what necessitates major ablution.

4. Wiping should be in the time allowed by law and that is one day and a night for the resident, i.e. (24 hours), and3 days and nights for the traveler. i.e. (72 hours) from the first wipe.

If time ended: one can pray whatever he wants if he is pure, as the end of the time does not invalidate wudu, but it invalidates wiping.

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