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The prayer description (1/6)

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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14 2022/06/21 2022/06/26
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1. If you want to pray, turn with all your body in the direction of Kaaba wherever you are.

2. There are excuses that allow Muslims to pray in another

direction other than qiblah, they are:

● Supererogatory prayers while traveling in an airplane, a car, or a ship, etc. It is desirable – if possible- to face qiblah when saying takbirah of ihram (the opening takbir), then take the normal direction wherever it goes.

● The obligatory prayer over the airplane, a car, or a ship, etc, if facing qiblah is impossible and the time of the prayer is about to end.

● The prayer of fear during battles.

● Disabled like a sick person or one who is in a place and does not know the direction of qiblah.

3. If one prays in a different direction other than qiblah after diligence and investigation: the prayer is considered to be valid and there is no necessity to re-pray it. However, if he knows the direction while praying, he should adjust his direction and the first part of the prayer is considered to be valid.

4. One should pray standing, however in some cases one can sit down while praying such as:

● The sick person who cannot stand, can pray while sitting, if possible. If not, then one can pray on his side and sujood should be lower than ruku, it is not allowed to do sujood on a pillow or something similar.

● As for the fear prayer and in severe battles, one can25 pray while riding.

● If it is not possible to stand in an airplane, a ship, etc. and one is afraid that the time of the prayer will be over.

● The person who is praying supererogatory can pray while riding or sitting whatever he wants with no excuse.

5. If a person is praying while sitting, he should cross the legs or sit like when he sits in prayer or any pose he can do.

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