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Friday and Eid prayer

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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214 2022/07/18 2024/02/21
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Friday prayer is a must for every one of responsible age, male, able and resident. It is a congregational prayer with

the sermon before it.

Friday prayer has the following etiquette:

One should wash, put perfume, wear the best clothes and go to the prayer early , it is better to go on foot.

● Approaching the imam and not to cross the lines or bring two people apart. Then, praying the masjid greeting prayer and any number of raka’ahs, since Friday prayer does not have sunnah before it. Then, one should listen to the sermon without talking or getting distracted.

● It is recommended to read “Surat Al-A’la” in the first raka’ah and “Surat Al-Ghashiya” in the second, or “Surat Al-Jumua” in the first and “Surat Al-Munafiqoon” in the second. Then, one prays two or four raka’ahs and separates between them and Friday prayer either by standing or talking.

● It is recommended on Friday to pray on prophet Mohammad - PBUH- a lot and reciting “Surat Al-Kahf” and dua’a (prayer) in the last hour before al-Maghrib.

2. The two Eids.

The prayer, which is among Muslims’ rituals., which they pray in a congregation at masjid.

The two Eids prayer has the following etiquette:

Washing, perfuming oneself, wearing the best clothes and going to the prayer from one way and coming back from another.

● In Eid al Fitr: one eats dates for breakfast or anything else before the prayer. As for Eid al- Adha one eats from the sacrifice after the prayer.

● Men and women go to the prayer, and they say Takbeer on their way. The prayer starts after sunrise when it is a spear high.

● The prayer does not have an Adhaan (Call for prayer) or making iqamah. Then, they say the Takbeer in the first raka’ah seven times and in the second one five times.

● It is recommended for the prayer to be audible in the first raka’ah and reciting “Surat Qaf” after “Surat Al- Fatiha”, and in the  second “Surat Al-Qamar”, or in the first “Surat Al-A’la” and the second raka’ah“Surat Al-Ghashiya”. After that, one listens to the sermon.

● If one misses the congregation prayer, he can pray it alone. And if they know that it is Eid after adh-Dhuhr prayer, they pray in the following day at the same time..

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