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Al-hajj description

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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240 2022/09/10 2024/05/27
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1. At al-Miqat:

● The pilgrim washes himself, puts on perfume. Men wear the designated white cloth with one piece  rapped around their shoulder  and one around their waist and a footwear, while women cover their body except for the face and hands. They say tahlil (the  exclamation ‘La ilaha illa Allah’) after an obligatory prayer and pray two raka’ahs at Dhul Hulaifah as this valley is sacred, then say in the direction of al-qiblah: “Allah, here I am to perform Umra without hypocrisy or pretension” which is for the Usufructuary (performing ‘umrah then hajj).

And one can perform Hajj Qiran (combined hajj) or Hajj Ifrad (isolated hajj). If one is afraid not to be able to accomplish it, he can say, “O Allah, I will finish my Ihram at any place where You stop me”.

● One should stay away from the forbidden acts; which are (trimming the nails or cutting the hair, perfuming, getting married, any sexual intercourse, hunting) (covering the head, wearing tailored clothes, and wearing slippers formen) (wearing veil and gloves for women).

● Keeping on reciting the devotional calls by raising the voice, tahlil, Takbeer in high places and glorification of Allah in valleys).

2. In Mecca:

● One washes up to enter Mecca if possible and comes from Al Hujun area to enter al-masjid from Bani Shaiba gate with the right leg, and says: “In the name of Allah, prayers and peace be upon prophet of Allah, O Allah, open to me the gates of Your mercy”. Then, he raises his hands when seeing al-Kabaa, and says: “O Allah, You are Peace and from You comes peace. O Allah greet us with peace”.

● Then starting tawaf (circumambulate) from the Black Stone, kissing it, touching it with his hand and kissing it, touching it with something and kissing that thing, or pointing towards it without kissing and saying Takbeer all the time.

● Men uncover their right shoulder and hurry up in the first  three rounds of tawaf.

● One faces the Yamani Corner without pointing or kissing and says between the Corner and the Stone “Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire”. After seven rounds, en cover their shoulder and pray behind Maqam Ibrahim two raka’ahs reciting Al-Fatihah with “Surat Al-Kafirun” in the first raka’ah and “Surat Al-Ikhlas” in the second raka’ah. Then, one drinks of ZamZam Water and goes back to the Stone, points to it, and says Takbeer.

Then one goes to As-Safa and says when ascending,“Indeed, as-Safa and al-Marwah are among the symbols of Allah”, “ I start with what Allah started with”, then faces al-qiblah in As-Safa and says: “Allah is the Greatest [3 times]. There is none worthy of worship  except Allah, He has no partner. To Him is sovereignty and perfect praise. He gives life and causes death, and He is Competent to do everything. There is none worthy of worship except Allah, who fulfilled His promise, supported His Slave, and defeated the  confederates alone”, then raises his hands, says dua’a and repeats it three times. Then, one goes down to Al-Marwah and hurries up between the two green flags and says what is mentioned above with glorification and thanking.

● After seven rounds, one cuts his hair, finishes the Umra and ends Ihram.

3. In Mina (eighth day): one starts Ihram for hajj from his place, and says: “Allah, here I am to perform hajj without hypocrisy or pretension”, He goes to Mina before noon, prays the prayers in its time a shortening prayer, stays there overnight and prays al-Fajr.

4. At Arafah (Ninth day): one leaves after sunrise to Namerah area for sermon and prays adh-Dhuhr and al-’Asr prayer with one Adhaan and two iqamahs. Then one goes to Arafah at the bottom of Al-Rahmah Mountain or any place at Arafah and says dua’a facing al-qiblah, raising his hands, saying tahlil and the devotional call until sunset.

5. At Muzdalifah: one prays al-Maghrib and Isha’a prayer with one Adhaan and two iqamahs a shortening prayer, and after Al-Fajr prayer: one stands at the sacred station at Muzdalifah or any place and faces al-qiblah and remembers Allah Almighty, delaying the morning prayer until the daybreak. before sunrise.

6. At Mina (Tenth day): one reaches Alaqaba Jamra after sunrise leaving al-qiblah to the left and throws it with seven pebbles. Every time one throws a pebble, he says Takbeer and interrupts the devotional call then slaughters the sacrifice.. Afterwards, one shaves his hair while women shorten their hair by a fingertip. Hence, everything becomes halal (allowed) for him except for women.

7. At Mecca: one performs Ifadah Tawaf while covering his shoulders and without rushing in Tawaf. Also, one prays two raka’ahs of Tawaf, and performs Sa’iy between As-Safa and Al-Marwah as mentioned previously.

8. At Mina: one goes back to spend the Tashriq Days: (11, 12, 13), and throws the Jamrahs every day after sun decline. Accordingly, one throws seven pebbles at the small Jamrah and says Takbeer every time he throws one, then faces the right side and says dua’a.  After that, one throws pebbles at the middle Jamrah and faces the left side and says dua’a. Finally, one throws pebbles at the big jamrah leaving alqiblah on his left side and Mina to the right side without dua’a. If one is in a hurry, he can throw Jamrah in two days only. But he should leave before sunset if possible.

9. At Mecca: finally, when leaving Mecca, one performs the farewell Tawaf with two Tawaf raka’ahs.

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