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What one can do during hajj

Auther : Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi
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211 2022/09/13 2024/02/21
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Alhajj is known with the ability, and it makes some things easier for pilgrims in many acts, such as:

1. It is allowed for one who is in Ihram to wash and message his hair even if some hairs fall.

2. It is allowed to comb the hair and put something on it without perfume.

3. It is allowed to change al-Ihram clothes with similar ones.

4. It is allowed to wear different types of footwear, watch, ring, glasses, tightening the belt and jewelry for women.

5. It is allowed to sit under a tent and an umbrella while hajj cloth is not tightened.

6. It is allowed to wear boots and shoes for those who do not find a footwear.

7. It is allowed for the one who is excused to stay overnight in Mecca instead of Mina.

8. It is allowed to combine the throwing of Jamrahs in one day instead of two.

9. It is allowed to throw Jamrahs at night during al-Tashriq Days for those who are not able to throw them during the day.

10. It is allowed for weak people not to stay in Muzdalifah and leave at night to throw before everyone.

11. It is allowed to ask someone to throw instead of a weakperson and those who have an excuse.

12. Making things easier for menstruating women and not compelling them to perform the Farwell Tawaf.

13. Some scholars mentioned that Tawaf Ifada is allowed for menstruating women when necessary.

14. Performing Tawaf and Sa’iy in a wheelchair or something similar when necessary.

15. Bringing forward or delaying the acts of the tenth day, and they are: throwing, slaughtering, shaving, Tawaf and Sa’iy.

16. Cupping therapy is allowed for person who is in Ihram even if some hair is removed.

17. It is allowed to kill what hurts him such as bugs and similar animals.

18. It is allowed to sell and buy for the person in Ihram.

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