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Refuting the Suspicion that Says: The Prophet Glorifies the Black Stone

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Refuting this Suspicion


Those people, accusing the prophet that he glorifies the black stone and the Ka’ba by walking around it, say that these things are stones that don’t differ from those stones that the polytheists used to worship!!


This opinion is completely wrong. Islam is a religion that orders to behave according to high manners and morality and is not against good habits done by other folks before Islam or even after.

For example; there was a pact held in the pre-Islamic paganism that was called “Al Fudoul Pact”; this pact was held for the sake of supporting the aggrieved, ransoming the kidnapped, helping the indebted and protecting the strangers from the oppressive people of Makkah and so on…

Prophet Muhammad admired this pact and said:” if I were invited to it, I wouldn’t have refused”.

Another good habit that is inherited from pre-Islamic folks is one inherited from Prophet Abraham (PBUH) to walk around the Ka’ba  and also to kiss the black stone.

Many Hadiths say that this stone is originally from heaven and many studies done later have proved this fact.

Also, the fact that Prophet Muhammad was kissing the black stone is told us by Omar Bin Al khattab in this right Hadith:” Omar said when he kissed the black stone :” I swear to Allah that I know you’re just a stone that doesn’t benefit or even harm; and I’m kissing you just because I’ve seen the Prophet doing it.”

Therefore, everybody has to know that the Prophet’s kissing the black stone isn’t out of glorifying it, like the polytheists used to do with their stone gods, but it is an order given him by Almighty Allah. This order and many others, like throwing the devil with stones when performing “ Haj” is to show complete obedience to the orders of Almighty Allah.

There is another thing that we have to mention here; there is no order given by Allah without a season. An experiment was done and a small part of the black stone was analysed; it proved that the black stone has special features that aren’t found in any other stone or element on this Earth. It has special rays coming out that can affect all people walking around the Ka’ba from a very far distance even if they couldn’t reach it and kiss it because of the crowds. This definitely proves that this stone is sent by Almighty Allah from heaven.



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