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His Initiative (PBUH) to do whatever he commanded

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the prophet (pbuh) used to order people to do every good and to be the first one to do it. also, he used to forbid evil and was the first one to keep away from it.  the evidences that show that the prophet (pbuh) hurried to carry out something that he had ordered his companions to do, or his initiative to avoid something, which he had forbidden his companions doing it are numerous. among these evidences:


a)      his participation (pbuh) in the establishment of the mosque and its influence on the companions: al-bukhari narrated that anas reported: while the companions of the messenger of allah (pbuh) were moving the rocks (to build the mosque), they repeated and the prophet (pbuh) repeated with them:


o allah! there is no life except that of the hereafter


so, forgive al-anssar (the supporters) and the immigrants


thus, sometimes, the prophet (pbuh) moved building materials with them, and at other times, he undertook building himself, while they exchanged it.  the participation of the prophet (pbuh) had an effect on the companions, which appeared in their saying:


if we sit, while the prophet is working; this is indeed a misleading deed on our part.



teachers are most in need, more than other people, to abide by this method in their actual life, as they set an example that is to be followed and their students imitate them. thus, if they order their students to be truthful, they should be the fastest among people in enforcing it, whether inside the school or outside it.  also, if they order them to perform prayer collectively, they should be the first to do so, whether in the school's place of prayer or in the mosques.


b) when the prophet (pbuh) wanted to prevent his companions from wearing gold rings, he (pbuh) started with himself, threw his ring away and told them that he would not wear a ring. thus, the companions threw their rings away. al-bukhari – may allah rest his soul – reported that ibn-omar had said: the prophet (pbuh) wore a gold ring, so, people had gold rings, then, the prophet (pbuh) said: ((i have had a gold ring)), he threw it away and said: ((i will never wear it)). so, people threw their rings away.


in this hadith (the prophet's saying) the prophet (pbuh) did not direct his command to his companions to take their rings off, rather, quickly,  he took his own off, thus, the companions had nothing to do except throwing their rings away.  



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